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  • Rainbow Lanyard
  • Rainbow Lanyard
  • Rainbow Lanyard
  • Rainbow Lanyard
Rainbow LanyardRainbow LanyardRainbow LanyardRainbow Lanyard

Rainbow Lanyard

Polyester Lanyard
Size: 15*900mm
Accessories: swivel hook + bead
Sublimation Print

Polyester Lanyard is the most popular custom style we can offer, hands down.
Usual Size: 10*900mm, 15*900mm, 20*900mm, 25*900mm, 30*900mm.
It offers the best balance between price and performance of any lanyards. With high quality polyester material, to dye the lanyard in your specific Pantone colors, and then customize it with your own printing logos. Your text and logos are printed on the surface of the strap under the sublimation or sceen printing process.